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Have You Seen These Ears?


I haven’t blogged in a while, but right now I’m desperate. While perusing the marketplace looking for new neko ears I happened upon an ad for a shirt by someone who was wearing exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately for me this person refuses to give credit to any creators items they are wearing in their photos unless they themselves created the item. I attempted to search their store for the ears but upon landing I had rez issues. So I begged them in an offline to tell me if they even sold them or not.

Long and short of it, they refused to say anything other than I sell ears go look for yourself, even after being told their sim was doing nothing but staying a big grey blobful world to me. I took it as a sign they wanted me to bolster their traffic while on my wild goose chase. So I left and decided to come here and post!

So now I appeal to you in the bloggersphere. Have you seen these ears? Do you know where I can find them for sale? If you do would you be so kind as to send me a message either here on my blog or in SL at Sahirah Hauptmann. PLEASE I really want these ears! Thanks for listening to me whine lol



MORE Hot Tubs…and a Carousel lol (bet you didn’t see that last one coming!)

That is all I have been working on in the past month! Mainly because they NEEDED it, badly! Some of them were built over 5 years ago and were in desperate need of some serious upgrading. Gone are the poseballs and high prim counts, in are the built in multi-sit single seats and MLP systems with 2 cuddle menu’s and a naughty menu for those more intimate moments with someone special. They also all have been sculpted where ever they could be and have new texturing or texture menus, some even have lighting systems built in them to create that perfect ambiance to suit your moods.

The new addition to the hot tub family is actually a full patio set that can be purchased separately or as the full pack with everything in it. This comes in 3 main color choices with texture changing fabrics for the chairs, umbrella and gazebo roofing. All chairs are multi-sit enabled and the bar comes with optional 1 prim bar stools if you would prefer to use them instead.

And finally, like I said a Carousel. My Christmas Carousel got a major overhaul this past year so I figured it was time to give the original year round version one too! It now has real carousel horses with 2 seat choices and benches for those tamer customers who are afraid they may get thrown off the horsies!

You can get your hands on them all at my shop right now, Sahi Designs,  and in the next few days I’ll be getting them all listed on the marketplace. For now, here is a look at their ads. Stop in and check them out, you won’t be sorry you did.










































Seasons Greetings one and all!

The joys of the holiday season are HERE at A Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar in Andarah Island! Come shop for holiday decorations, gifts & accessorries. Smooch your loved ones under the mistletoe, or cozy up by the fire. Spend some time enjoying the fun of our winter setting by ice skating on your own or with your friends on our lake!

The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar is now open for the 2010 holiday season! This is our 5th Christmas in Second Life, and we are bigger & better than ever!  We have Christmas trees, gift boxes and bags, igloos and gingerbread homes, snowmen and ice rinks, sleighs and carousels, indoor and outdoor, toys and plushies, clothing and accessories, from the traditional to the unique we have everything you could possibly need or want for your decorating & gift giving needs this Christmas.

For the first time EVER, we’ve decided to offer Christmas hut rentals to other vendors, be quick, as these will NOT last long! 30 prims for L$100 per week minimum of 4 weeks or a maximum of 6 weeks, thats right folks we don’t close our doors til mid January so get in here now and grab a spot to get your holiday sales on too! Use the link below and click the rental boxes for terms and conditions that apply.

Visit The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar by Clicking Here!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

The holidays are upon us and if you like to celebrate Christmas like I do, no house is complete without a tree in your front window!! At the Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar we offer a variety of trees with great features such as texture changing tree skirts, baubles and even a version that will play a version of O Tannenbaum when it’s star is clicked!! All with terrific prim counts for you prim savvy Christmatiers!!

The O Tannenbaum Christmas Tree has 10 built in seats perfect for taking holiday family portraits, it also has texture changing baubles, plays O Tannenbaum when it is clicked on its star and comes with a fully decorated tree skirt and an undecorated tree skirt so that you can choose between them and save prims. Click the picture for a link to it on the marketplace or visit The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar to see it in person!! Prim Count: Tree 36 Prim – Skirt with Gifts 37 Prim – Plain Skirt 1 Prim – Total Prims – 74

Next up we have our regular trees. They come in 3 color choices. Dark Green, Green and White and each have 3 models to choose from ranging from 4 prims to 36 prims. All have texture changing tree skirts and the 36 prim model has texture changing bauble presets to match their skirts.

I’m only posting pictures of one of each tree color and type because we’ll be here all day if I don’t lol. You can see the rest by clicking on the photos and going to the marketplace, each tree has a linking to every tree I offer so you can find just the right tree for your home!! Prim Counts: Deco’d versions 4 Prims, Semi Deco’d versions 8 Prims, Fully Deco’d versions 36 prims

Finally we have a little piece of nostalgia…It’s the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

All this little tree wants is some good old fashioned love so that it can grow to be a big beautiful Christmas tree for everyone to enjoy! Looks are deceiving with little guy he is a 18 Prim table topper not a large living room tree and will say MERRY CHRISTMAS CHARLIE BROWN! when he is rez’d or clicked!! It’s a terrific conversation piece, everyone will love him and his wish will come true!!

All items are available for purchase on the marketplace or in person at The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar located in Andarah Island along with much much MUCH more! Everything you can think of to make your SL Holidays complete!!

Hi Everybody!

The Peace on Earth 3 hunt is gearing up to begin and I’m lucky to have not one but two stops on the hunt! One will be for my main store Sahi Designs and the other for my holiday shops Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar. Below are pictures of the gifts you will be getting from my globes!!


The Christmas Credenza, Center Piece and Plushie will be available in the Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar stop’s globe. It comes with a lovely wood credenza with a festive holiday throw runner on it, an adorable singing Christmas center piece made of tri-colored trees a teddy bear candles and a little gift box that sings a song clip of Merry Christmas Happy Holidays when it is rez’d or clicked and finally a festive little holiday bear plushie that you can hold and hug and also sings!


The Christmas Lounge Room is available in the Sahi Designs stop’s globe on the hunt. It includes a wooden chest/credenza with a texture changing throw runner and holiday decor, a lounge chair with texture changing feature multisit seats and a 3 option couples cuddle MLP menu, finally it has a throw rug that texture changes and has a reading seat in the book.


Both will make a great addition to your home this holiday season and best of all they’re FREE! Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting!!!!








I have a 4080 sqm parcel available for rent in Andarah Island. It is 8000L$ a month below is a picture and description.

Lovely Flat Green Commercial Use CORNER WATERFRONT Parcel available FOR RENT! L$8000 a month 4080sqm with 933 prims available for use! Payment is due IMMEDIATELY upon rental of land deed.

Only light commerce activities allowed – N0 clubs, gathering places, or malls. Residential builds are allowed but are done at your own risk as this is a COMMERCIAL SIM that does have a regular flow of traffic.

L$1 to secure the land deed for rights, Off sim view provided with NO count against your prims!! Please read covenant – IM Sahirah Hauptmann with any questions or for help with access to land once rented – Rental box can be found at NW corner of parcel right next to landing point!! Thank you.

Please be sure to read the covenant before renting. Thank you!

Click here to visit!