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Christmas is my favorite time of year and because of it my sim turns snowy and the holidays come mid october. The other day I said I would start posting some individual items so today I’m going to give you 2 of them.

First up we have the Christmas Calliope Carousel

The Christmas Calliope Carousel is 112 prims and has 4 adorable reindeer seats each with 2 seating options, it plays a continuous calliope Christmas tune and gently spins when activated. No Mod/No Copy/Transfer It can be viewed and is available for purchase at The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar or on the Marketplace!

Next up we have The Sitting with Santa Shadowbox

This item is available as a set or as 3 individual purchasable items. The set package contains 6 objects totaling 147 prim and is set in a Rez-Faux for easy positioning and placement. A little detail about each part of the set…The shadowbox itself is 15 prims and has a lovely Christmas scene it is perfect for taking pictures and comes equipped with a lighting system that allows you to set low, medium, high, or turn lighting off all together. Santa is 57 prims and has 4 seats hidden in his legs and arms of the chair with multisit options, he will also play a sound clip and give one random gift out when his belly is clicked. The tree is 36 prims and has 10 seats placed within the Christmas baubles that change textures via a menu when clicked, it will also play an instrumental version of “O Tannenbaum” when the star is clicked. The tree has 2 separate skirts one is 37 prim that has presents and toys on it and one is just a plain 1 prim skirt in order for you to conserve prims. The rug is a 1 prim MLP rug with couples cuddles kisses and massages in it as well as a built in texturizing menu. You can view and purchase this set at The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar or on the Marketplace where you can also see the related items to purchase these items individually or click on their pictures below to redirect you.


Thats all for today folks. I’ll be sure to post some more items in the next few days! We hope to see you soon!


I know most people are thinking Halloween this time of year but because of a previous job I had creating artwork for another virtual world and the time it took to process that work, it is ingrained in me to begin thinking Christmas from mid summer on.

So from mid October til January Andarah Island turns snowy, our lake freezes over and our Christmas items come out from the depths of our inventories creating the perfect Winter Wonderland!

We have everything you can possibly imagine to create the perfect winter or holiday setting in your own home. This is our 5th year of operation and I’m quite thrilled to say we’ve had a major overhaul as far as the layout and design of the set up! I originally named the parcel Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar because in order to save prims instead of using buildings to house the items I used tents which gave it a very open feel. Now thanks to the use of mega prims we’ve been able to create a lovely quaint Christmas village. The village has 3 main buildings each housing their own particular things, one for Clothing, one for home decor, and one for bigger ticket outdoor items almost all of which can be viewed by talking a stroll around the sim.

This year I have not created much in the way of new items, there are a few though, but instead have focused on updating old ones. Below are a few of the items I have been working on that are available for purchase in the sim and on the marketplace.

These pictures are just a small portion of what is available! In the coming days I will take some time out to individually blog some of these items and tell you more about them but for now I will leave you with our classified that we use every year…we hope to see you soon!

Happy Holidays!


The joys of the holiday season are HERE at A Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar in Andarah Island! Come shop for holiday decorations, gifts & accessorries. Smooch your loved ones under the mistletoe, or cozy up by the fire. Spend some time enjoying the fun of our winter setting by ice skating on your own or with your friends on our lake!

Find items on the marketplace here!

Visit the Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar!

Hello All

Short post tonight because I’m very tired. I will be participating in The Unicef Project being hosted by Truth Hawks starting today Sept 4th running through Sept 19th. I have 4 items for sale in the sim and will be placing sales boards up in my shops as well. I’ll post again tomorrow with pictures of the items and links to Truth’s sim as well as to my shops.

Til then…

Sahi ❤

Another day another release…

Today I have the Summer Sun Beach Set. This is another item that I had originally created a long time ago in a sim far far away. By todays standards it was truly pitiful to look at anymore so out with the old and in with the new.

The set now includes much more than a simple towel with an umbrella. I decided to keep the fruity drink but added a host of new items so it truly is a decorative piece for any beach! You now receive 2 MLP umbrella towels with built in texture changer having 9 texture options. One decorated towel that is 31 prim with MLP in use (modify of course so you can remove items if you wish) and one undecorated that is a total of 5 prim with the MLP in use. The MLP menu includes 6 single sits, 6 single lays, 5 couples massages, 6 kisses, and 7 cuddles. You also receive all aspects of the decorated towel in separate pieces to be used however you wish. If that weren’t enough you get a wearable pair of sunglasses, a wearable pair of flip flops and a wearable book. All for the LOW price of L$650. So stop into Sahi Designs in Andarah Island and head back towards the hot tubs to see the set in person and take a look around at the rest that of the shop while you’re at it!

PS. Thanks to my wifey Lara Aridian for modelling for me!

So today I finished up a 3rd times a charm thing. Yeaaars ago I had made a cute little picnic blanket that sold pretty well back in its day. It was a simple little design that came in 4 colors had 15 prims to the blanket (4 single seats 3 couples sets) and included some optional items, a little matching basket & some candle sticks.

About 2 years ago I decided to give it an update and switch from poseballs to an MLP system and broaden the texture base. I wound up with entirely toooo many because I like to cater to everyone and broke the full menu down into 5 different things, such as Cuddles, Kisses, Cuddles & Kisses, Naughty, Full Combo (everything in one) which I think hurt me in the long run…too many choices. It overwhelms the customer. What had been a great seller for 2 years suddenly was not selling at all…

So anyway it’s been in the back of my mind that I’ve wanted to give it a whirl once again to get (what happens to be one of my favorite items from then to now) it right. And by golly I think I’ve done it. Yes I just said by golly…I’m a nerd what do ya want? lol

So I give you the thrice revamped Pretty Picnic Set.

It is a 4 piece set a total of 70 prim if all pieces are used. 30 prim for the grill. 23 prim for the blanket which now includes pillows, the basket with picnic goodies laid inside it, a tree with some flowers and grass and a picnic table all in one item. 9 prim for the campfire which seats 4 with a total of 8 poses & 8 prim for the candle. MLPv2.0 Menu in the blanket with Cuddles, Kisses, Naughty, Massages, Singles, Table. Other features include texture changing, with many special thanks going to the wonderfully talented scripter Jamal Mfume for creating a texturizing system for me that works IN the MLP not apart from it! Each set gives you 6 different options on the blankets (so long 30 individual sales boxes! lol) & the candle also has a texturizer with 10 different texture choices. Did I mention THE GRILL and FIREPIT! Oh wait yeah I did but I’m so excited because this set feels so rounded out now because of them. The grill, firepit and basket each have a item giver installed in them. The grill gives you hot dogs and hamburgers, the firepit gives a mallow kabob & the basket gives you a glass of wine all (except the kabob, just wear to hold it lol) are scripted for eating/drinking.

I am really thoroughly proud of how this has turned out. It is not only just a blanket to cozy up on anymore. It truly is a complete setting for your home now, great for picture taking, snuggling or *coughs*.  hehe!

Set up in the main showroom of Sahi Designs and soon to be listed on XStreetSL where I have many goodies listed for your purchasing pleasure! Come visit the shop and take a look, you won’t be disappointed that you did!!

Til next time. 🙂

Oh PS. This is meant to be sunk slightly into the ground on a somewhat smoothed out terrain…otherwise the grass prims will look boxy and the table & blanket will float if you don’t!

Hello world!

Well this is my first attempt at a blog for my Second Life businesses Sahi Designs Furniture and Binding Desires by Sahi Designs!

A little about me and my Second Life. My name is Sahirah Hauptmann, I have been a resident of Second Life since October 5th 2005 and started creating content shortly thereafter. In March of 2006 I opened my business Sahi Designs Furniture and 3 years later in March of 2009 I opened my side project Binding Desires by Sahi Designs. But enough about that, you can read more in my profile if you so wish to bore yourself with details hehe.

My hope is that I will be putting my newly released or updated products here and hooking up with some syndicated SL Blogs to further increase patronage and reach an audience that I may not be reaching currently. So for my first posting I have for you…

Big Fluffy Country Club

Big Fluffy Country Club is a 9 piece set that has many features. Almost every piece has a texture menu and you can choose between presets giving you at the very least 3 different distinct looks per set! The set includes 1 couch, 1 loveseat, 1 lounger, 1 chair, 3 side tables, 1 coffee table and an area rug.

The couch, loveseat and lounger all have MLP animation menus. The couch features couples cuddles and naughty animations as well as multisit single seats on 2 of the pillows. The loveseat has couples cuddles and multisit single seats on 2 of the pillows. The lounger has couples cuddles and multisit single seats on the pillow. All 3 pieces have a built in custom made texture menu so no muss in searching for a specific prim to click it is all right there in the MLP! The chair is not MLP enabled but it has 9 multisit choices preset in it.

Already low prim, the total count for Big Fluffy Country Club is 67, but as always modifiable so that you can remove or add anything to it! Making it the perfect addition to your home! So stop on in to Sahi Designs Furniture in Andarah Island and give it a test spin, you won’t be sorry that you did!