I haven’t blogged in a while, but right now I’m desperate. While perusing the marketplace looking for new neko ears I happened upon an ad for a shirt by someone who was wearing exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately for me this person refuses to give credit to any creators items they are wearing in their photos unless they themselves created the item. I attempted to search their store for the ears but upon landing I had rez issues. So I begged them in an offline to tell me if they even sold them or not.

Long and short of it, they refused to say anything other than I sell ears go look for yourself, even after being told their sim was doing nothing but staying a big grey blobful world to me. I took it as a sign they wanted me to bolster their traffic while on my wild goose chase. So I left and decided to come here and post!

So now I appeal to you in the bloggersphere. Have you seen these ears? Do you know where I can find them for sale? If you do would you be so kind as to send me a message either here on my blog or in SL at Sahirah Hauptmann. PLEASE I really want these ears! Thanks for listening to me whine lol