MORE Hot Tubs…and a Carousel lol (bet you didn’t see that last one coming!)

That is all I have been working on in the past month! Mainly because they NEEDED it, badly! Some of them were built over 5 years ago and were in desperate need of some serious upgrading. Gone are the poseballs and high prim counts, in are the built in multi-sit single seats and MLP systems with 2 cuddle menu’s and a naughty menu for those more intimate moments with someone special. They also all have been sculpted where ever they could be and have new texturing or texture menus, some even have lighting systems built in them to create that perfect ambiance to suit your moods.

The new addition to the hot tub family is actually a full patio set that can be purchased separately or as the full pack with everything in it. This comes in 3 main color choices with texture changing fabrics for the chairs, umbrella and gazebo roofing. All chairs are multi-sit enabled and the bar comes with optional 1 prim bar stools if you would prefer to use them instead.

And finally, like I said a Carousel. My Christmas Carousel got a major overhaul this past year so I figured it was time to give the original year round version one too! It now has real carousel horses with 2 seat choices and benches for those tamer customers who are afraid they may get thrown off the horsies!

You can get your hands on them all at my shop right now, Sahi Designs,  and in the next few days I’ll be getting them all listed on the marketplace. For now, here is a look at their ads. Stop in and check them out, you won’t be sorry you did.