The holidays are upon us and if you like to celebrate Christmas like I do, no house is complete without a tree in your front window!! At the Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar we offer a variety of trees with great features such as texture changing tree skirts, baubles and even a version that will play a version of O Tannenbaum when it’s star is clicked!! All with terrific prim counts for you prim savvy Christmatiers!!

The O Tannenbaum Christmas Tree has 10 built in seats perfect for taking holiday family portraits, it also has texture changing baubles, plays O Tannenbaum when it is clicked on its star and comes with a fully decorated tree skirt and an undecorated tree skirt so that you can choose between them and save prims. Click the picture for a link to it on the marketplace or visit The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar to see it in person!! Prim Count: Tree 36 Prim – Skirt with Gifts 37 Prim – Plain Skirt 1 Prim – Total Prims – 74

Next up we have our regular trees. They come in 3 color choices. Dark Green, Green and White and each have 3 models to choose from ranging from 4 prims to 36 prims. All have texture changing tree skirts and the 36 prim model has texture changing bauble presets to match their skirts.

I’m only posting pictures of one of each tree color and type because we’ll be here all day if I don’t lol. You can see the rest by clicking on the photos and going to the marketplace, each tree has a linking to every tree I offer so you can find just the right tree for your home!! Prim Counts: Deco’d versions 4 Prims, Semi Deco’d versions 8 Prims, Fully Deco’d versions 36 prims

Finally we have a little piece of nostalgia…It’s the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

All this little tree wants is some good old fashioned love so that it can grow to be a big beautiful Christmas tree for everyone to enjoy! Looks are deceiving with little guy he is a 18 Prim table topper not a large living room tree and will say MERRY CHRISTMAS CHARLIE BROWN! when he is rez’d or clicked!! It’s a terrific conversation piece, everyone will love him and his wish will come true!!

All items are available for purchase on the marketplace or in person at The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar located in Andarah Island along with much much MUCH more! Everything you can think of to make your SL Holidays complete!!