Hi Everybody!

The Peace on Earth 3 hunt is gearing up to begin and I’m lucky to have not one but two stops on the hunt! One will be for my main store Sahi Designs and the other for my holiday shops Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar. Below are pictures of the gifts you will be getting from my globes!!


The Christmas Credenza, Center Piece and Plushie will be available in the Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar stop’s globe. It comes with a lovely wood credenza with a festive holiday throw runner on it, an adorable singing Christmas center piece made of tri-colored trees a teddy bear candles and a little gift box that sings a song clip of Merry Christmas Happy Holidays when it is rez’d or clicked and finally a festive little holiday bear plushie that you can hold and hug and also sings!


The Christmas Lounge Room is available in the Sahi Designs stop’s globe on the hunt. It includes a wooden chest/credenza with a texture changing throw runner and holiday decor, a lounge chair with texture changing feature multisit seats and a 3 option couples cuddle MLP menu, finally it has a throw rug that texture changes and has a reading seat in the book.


Both will make a great addition to your home this holiday season and best of all they’re FREE! Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting!!!!