Hi Everyone today I’ve got a few new releases at The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar and I’m going to feature some older items as well!

First up new this season we have the Holiday Honey Dress.

Holiday Honey is available in traditional red and green or as a fat pack, you will certainly look super sexy at any holiday party you attend or strip down and reveal that super naughty side you’ve been hiding all year so you can remain on Santa’s nice list! MANY MANY style & layer options included to mix and match the outfit however you like it, also included are adorable elf ears a matching fur lined hat and boots so you never have to look for the perfect accessories to match! You WON’T be disappointed with this purchase!!


The next new items are The Winter Warmth Outfits for Men and Women.












The Winter Warmth Outfits are a cozy knit sweater in 5 color choices for both Men & Women and available in fat pack options as well. The outfit comes with the sweater and its prim attachments for collar and arms, a pair of jeans with prim legs, and a matching winter snow cap. Great for holiday pictures or just cuddling up by the fire you will find you will get a great deal of use out of this set!


Onto some of our accessories that have been around for quite some time but are still a holiday favorite!







First we have the blinking bulb antlers & decorated reindeer antlers, these adorable little headpieces will catch everyone’s attention and you will be the talk of the town, reasonably priced and transferrable so they make the perfect party favor to give as a thank you to your friends for attending your holiday shindig this year!


Next up we have a funny little taboo item that is always a hot commodity! The Mistletoe Belt!







Available for both Men AND Women (c’mon ladies did you think I’d leave you out of the fun *wink*) in both Gold and Silver accents, these are a MUST have if you love to make your friends laugh or if you want to tell your significant other that there is no better gift this Christmas than a little kiss under the mistletoe! ;o)

All of these items and much much more are available to make your holiday season the best yet at The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar brought to you by Sahi Designs in Andarah Island or on the Marketplace by visiting my store!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


P.S. If you visit the SIM to check out the wonderland be sure to wander around and check out the awesome offerings by Laridian Designs & Surprise! as well! Stay and enjoy our winter setting by having a skate on our lake or relax with friends in our igloo, the wonderland is not just about shopping its about enjoying the holiday season by yourself or with your loved ones!