Christmas is my favorite time of year and because of it my sim turns snowy and the holidays come mid october. The other day I said I would start posting some individual items so today I’m going to give you 2 of them.

First up we have the Christmas Calliope Carousel

The Christmas Calliope Carousel is 112 prims and has 4 adorable reindeer seats each with 2 seating options, it plays a continuous calliope Christmas tune and gently spins when activated. No Mod/No Copy/Transfer It can be viewed and is available for purchase at The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar or on the Marketplace!

Next up we have The Sitting with Santa Shadowbox

This item is available as a set or as 3 individual purchasable items. The set package contains 6 objects totaling 147 prim and is set in a Rez-Faux for easy positioning and placement. A little detail about each part of the set…The shadowbox itself is 15 prims and has a lovely Christmas scene it is perfect for taking pictures and comes equipped with a lighting system that allows you to set low, medium, high, or turn lighting off all together. Santa is 57 prims and has 4 seats hidden in his legs and arms of the chair with multisit options, he will also play a sound clip and give one random gift out when his belly is clicked. The tree is 36 prims and has 10 seats placed within the Christmas baubles that change textures via a menu when clicked, it will also play an instrumental version of “O Tannenbaum” when the star is clicked. The tree has 2 separate skirts one is 37 prim that has presents and toys on it and one is just a plain 1 prim skirt in order for you to conserve prims. The rug is a 1 prim MLP rug with couples cuddles kisses and massages in it as well as a built in texturizing menu. You can view and purchase this set at The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar or on the Marketplace where you can also see the related items to purchase these items individually or click on their pictures below to redirect you.


Thats all for today folks. I’ll be sure to post some more items in the next few days! We hope to see you soon!