I know most people are thinking Halloween this time of year but because of a previous job I had creating artwork for another virtual world and the time it took to process that work, it is ingrained in me to begin thinking Christmas from mid summer on.

So from mid October til January Andarah Island turns snowy, our lake freezes over and our Christmas items come out from the depths of our inventories creating the perfect Winter Wonderland!

We have everything you can possibly imagine to create the perfect winter or holiday setting in your own home. This is our 5th year of operation and I’m quite thrilled to say we’ve had a major overhaul as far as the layout and design of the set up! I originally named the parcel Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar because in order to save prims instead of using buildings to house the items I used tents which gave it a very open feel. Now thanks to the use of mega prims we’ve been able to create a lovely quaint Christmas village. The village has 3 main buildings each housing their own particular things, one for Clothing, one for home decor, and one for bigger ticket outdoor items almost all of which can be viewed by talking a stroll around the sim.

This year I have not created much in the way of new items, there are a few though, but instead have focused on updating old ones. Below are a few of the items I have been working on that are available for purchase in the sim and on the marketplace.

These pictures are just a small portion of what is available! In the coming days I will take some time out to individually blog some of these items and tell you more about them but for now I will leave you with our classified that we use every year…we hope to see you soon!

Happy Holidays!


The joys of the holiday season are HERE at A Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar in Andarah Island! Come shop for holiday decorations, gifts & accessorries. Smooch your loved ones under the mistletoe, or cozy up by the fire. Spend some time enjoying the fun of our winter setting by ice skating on your own or with your friends on our lake!

Find items on the marketplace here!

Visit the Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar!